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Building Automation

For more than 25 years, we have excelled in the diagnosis and solution of building automation challenges. From office complexes to industrial facilities, we provide building control systems to monitor and manage the efficiency, comfort, and air quality of your buildings – no matter how simple or complex.

Our Approach

Choice and flexibility are at the core of our commitment to providing ultimate control. As a privately owned, client-focused company, RSC is one of the few building automation companies in California that continues to perform its own controls installations. We are a UL-listed panel shop and can build custom control panels to your building’s exact specifications.

We carefully listen to your goals and work diligently to recommend the building automation system that works best for your business. We are proud to serve you with the most highly qualified and trained staff in our industry, including LEED®- certified professionals to help you meet certification requirements. As consultants, engineers, and designers, we look at your entire facility and offer flexible choices based on your specifications. With RSC, there’s no need to lock into expensive hardware or software agreements – you get the best automation system, at the fairest price.

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icon ddc controlsDDC Controls

We offer Direct Digital Control (DDC) systems to increase the energy efficiency of your buildings and significantly reduce energy costs. From a single controller for a small building to a tiered system managing large structures, our optimized building control systems deliver consistent comfort in the workplace by monitoring and controlling critical building systems such as HVAC, lighting, and central plant. Our DDC systems include:

  • Environmental Control
  • Tenant Comfort
  • Lighting Control
  • Critical Systems
  • Utility and End-Use Metering


Systems Integration

We help you bridge the gap between your building’s legacy system and today’s advanced building automation technology. We specialize in designing and installing non-proprietary, open-protocol, and interoperable building automation systems that provide great flexibility and reliability.

We provide turnkey solutions based on open protocol DDC systems that are the new standard for ease of operation and network expansion. Our solutions integrate a wide variety of devices, providing system-to-system communication and unmatched configuration versatility with controllers, network managers, and user interface options. We focus on designing scalable systems, minimizing your first costs, and enabling flexibility for future add-ons without being locked into a single supplier for expansion.

We are experts in BACnet, LonWorks, and Modbus protocols and the following controller brands:

  • Solidyne
  • KMC
  • Tridium R2, AX, and N4
  • EasyIO
  • Viconics

Energy Management

Whether new or old, most buildings do not realize their energy management potential. We can help you maximize your building’s energy efficiency and help you meet LEED, ENERGY STAR® or other government-mandated conservation measures.

We begin with a thorough review of your utility bills and conduct a comprehensive survey of your facility to determine energy demand and use. Our highly detailed proposal includes an unbiased recommendation of the system best suited to your needs. We choose among several energy management system manufacturers to ensure that, regardless of brand name, you get the right solution to lower your energy cost.

photo ul panel shopUL Panel Shop

For more than 25 years, we have been designing, engineering, and implementing electrical control panels for a variety of industries and applications. As a UL Panel Shop, our attention to detail can also be seen in the professional wiring schematics and panel layouts that are included with each of our panels. We are committed to electrical safety and to providing our customers with the highest-standard of UL Listed control panels and solutions.

The UL Listing Mark demonstrates the panels we build meet the stringent standards of UL Standard 508A (Standard for Safety of Industrial Control Panels), UL 508 (Standard for Safety of Industrial Control Equipment) and NFPA 70 (National Electrical Code).


We strive to build ongoing relationships with both our clients and your buildings, which is why we focus on providing best-in-class service and support. During installation of your building automation system, we provide in-depth training for your staff, so they can be as comfortable operating the system as we are. With our affordable service agreements, we provide ongoing support for as long as you need.

RSC BuildAuto CommissioningCommissioning

One of our primary goals is to ensure your building’s HVAC systems meet your unique Owner’s Project Requirements and are operating as intended. After the engineering, programming, and installation phases, RSC engineers, system specialists, and field technicians make sure the system works, is accurate and does what it was designed to do. The commissioning of a building is the most important phase of the project and is handled by our most experienced technicians. Our controls technicians average 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry and deliver the highest quality installations and commissioning.